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Gindaco is the one of the most popular Takoyaki chain in Japan. It is famous for its crispy texture at the outside and the rare texture in the inside. The biggest difference between Gindaco and Takoyaki is that the cook pours oil on Gindaco to make its crispy texture. This recipe was inspired by the recipe of the famous Chinese dish Peking Duck.


Gindaco’s first store opened in 1997 in Gunma Prefecture. After it first store, its Takoyaki became a great hit and soon it opened its store in Tokyo and in Kansai which is the homeland of Takoyaki. In 17 years Gindaco opened more than 400 stores in Japan and in the world. The store’s name Gindaco came from the founders dream to open a Tako-yaki store(Octopus is called “tako” or “dako” in Japanese) in Ginza which is the the most luxurious districts in Tokyo.

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Gindaco is also famous for its glassed open kitchen. While you are lying to wait for your Takoyaki, you can enjoy watching the cook to make your Takoyaki. You can enjoy Gindaco in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia and in the United States.

You can watch the cook make the Takoyaki

If you are tired of eating ordinarily Takoyaki you can try Takoyaki with Teritama (teriyaki and egg sauce), Takoyaki with cheese Mentaiko (spicy fish eggs) and other season limited menu. If you don’t understand Japanese read the QR code for the English menu. If your at the age of drinking go to the Gindaco Bar which you can enjoy Takoyaki wih alcohol.

Left: Teritama Takoyaki Righ

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