ep20 GABA


GABA is a cube shape chocolate sold by Esaki Glico Co. What is characteristic with this chocolate is that this chocolate contains gamma-aminobutyric acid which is said to have the ability to lower psychological stress. If you talk about the taste it has no different with milk chocolate.


GABA was first sold in 2005. This gamma-aminobutyric acid contained chocolate was targeted at business men and students who were thought to have stress daily. Firstly the chocolate was sphere shaped, however the since there were voices that it rolls of from the desk it changed its shape into a cube. The first time I bought this was the sphere one when I was a high school student.

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For other flavors GABA has bitter chocolate flavor and salt milk chocolate flavor. As a another unique type there is “GABA for sleep” which contains more gamma-aminobutyric acid than the original one for a better quality sleep.

GABA includes allergic ingredients such as milk and soy beans.

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