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Beard Papa’s is the cream puff brand which is the most famous in Japan. It is featured for it crispy puff pastry which is made by its original recipe and always the cream is packed after it is ordered. Beard Papa’s has a high pride on its freshly made cream puffs. They bake their puff pastry everyday in every store and pack the cream one by one in front of the guests after an order to prevent the pastry to be damp.


Beard Papa’s first store opened in 1999 in Fukuoka prefecture. The concept of Beard Papa’s was to sell the freshest cream puff in Japan. Since cream puff were sold in cake shops and bakery however cream puffs could never be the star, so Beard Papa’s created its original recipe and style to sell it fresh made cream puffs. After Beard Papa’s open, its cream puffs became so popular it created more than 200 stores in 2 years. In 2001 Beard Papa’s opened its first store outside Japan in Hong Kong. After Hong Kong, Beard Papa’s opened its store in more than 50 places in the world such as Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, United States, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, United Kingdom, Canada, Tahiti, Russia, El Salvador, Brunei, Poland, Shanghai, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Mexico, Pakistan, New Zealand, Kanbodia and Dubai.

US https://www.beardpapas.com/locations

Malaysia https://beardpapa.com.my/102-outlets

Korea http://kolon.rainhosting.co.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=notice

Other Countries https://www.muginoho.com/english.html#shoplist

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Beard Papa’s does not sale only cream puffs, it also sells cookie cream puffs, cream cornets, ice cream puffs and so on. Also it has seasonal limited cream puffs such as Koeda Eclair which is purchasable until 31st Oct, 2021. ( I will write about the chocolate snack Koeda latter someday.)

Beard Papa’s cream puffs contains allergic ingredients such as wheat, eggs, milk and soy beans.

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