ep16 Yukimi Daifuku

ice cream

Yukimi Daifuku is a ice cream snack covered with a thin layer of mochi (rice cake). Daifuku is an original snack consisted of mochi with sweet beans stuffed inside. Yukimi means snow viewing which was taken from the white image.

Yukimi Daifuku was first released in 1981 fro Lotte Co. Before Lotte released Yukimi Daifuku, they created a ice cream covered with a thin layer of marshmallow “Wataboshi” (which means cotton cap) in 1980. With this idea the company replaced the marshmallow to mochi and became one the best selling ice creams in Japan.

The best way to eat Yukimi Daifuku is to leave it outside of the freezer for 8 minutes before eating. This is because to let the mochi melt a little to maximize it’s chewiness. Also the offical web site is introducing Yukimi Daifuku Toast which easily made with a slice of toast, cheese and Yukimi Daifuku. You just only put the sliced cheese and Yukimi Daifuku on the toast and bake it in the toaster.

This is an Official video from Lotte, having a famous chef cook Yukimi Daifuku toast applepie.

Today you can buy you can buy not only vanilla flavor but strawberry and chocolate flavor.

If you are in Thailand you can buy the same ice cream from Lotte named “I’m mochi” in Seven Eleven. So if you have no chance to come to Japan go to Thailand.

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