ep15 Baby-Star Ramen


If you want to eat ramen or noodles for your snack this will be a great choice.

Baby-Star Ramen is a fired noodle type snack. Baby-Star is the name of the brand for the series of snacks produced by Oyatsu Company Co.

Baby-Star Ramen was first produced in 1959 as Baby Ramen. Originally the Oyatsu Company was a company for manufacturing ramen noodles since 1948. When the company gave the noodles crumbs as snack to the employees, this became popular between the employees and came with the idea to sell it for snacks. In 1973 the company change the snacks name to baby-Star Ramen.

The character on the package is Hoshio-kun. He is a boy which has dream to be a big star in Japan.

This snack is very useful, you can have it for a snack, you can pour hot water to make ramen, and you can put it on any kind of salad or food to give a crispy accent.

If you want to know more about this snack you can take a factory tour at the factory in Mie prefecture. To join the tour you have to entry by writing the application form. I am sorry to say that for the pandemic of covid 19, the tour is suspended during the state of emergency. For more details please check the official website. https://www.oyatsu.co.jp/enjoy/tour/

20 years ago I joined the tour and got a box of snacks.

Baby-Star Ramen contains allergic ingredients such as wheat, soy beans, chicken, pork and gelatin.

That’s all. Thanks for reading!! Eat ramen and have a nice day.

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