ep17 Kinoko no Yama


Kinoko no Yama is a chocolate snack which is shaped like a inch(3.6cm) sized mushroom. Kinoko means mushroom and Yama means mountain. The top part of the mushroom is made out of chocolate and the stem is made out of biscuit type cracker. The chocolate is made out of two different types of chocolate, bitter chocolate on the outer layer and milk chocolate in the inside which makes a fabulous bitter sweet symphony inside your mouth.


The idea of Kinoko no Yama came out around 1969 at a factory in Osaka. At that factory they started manufacturing “Apolo”(check ep8) however the sales were not good as expected, the factory manager came up of the idea of manufacturing chocolate mushrooms by using Apolo’s facility more effectively. Since at that time chocolate bars were the standard of chocolate snacks, this fancy looking chocolate snack took 5 years of discussion and trial and error to be released. In 1975, Kinoko no Yama was first sold in Japan with this nostalgic name in the middle of Japans high economic growth.

Flavors and more information

Kinoko has more than 30 kinds of flavors including 12 regional limited flavors such as green tea and strawbeery. Also you can find Kinoko no Yama in the United States with the name of “Chocorooms”.

Kinoko no Yama includes allergic ingredients such as wheat, eggs, milk and soy beans.

The next episode will be about Kinoko no Yama’s frank brand “Takenoko no Sato” and the conflict between the Kinoko party and Takenoko party.

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