ep12 Ninja-Meshi


Ninja still exists in Japan.

Ninja-Meshi grape flavor

Ninja-Meshi is a hard type gummy candy. Ninja is needless to explain, the traditional Japanese spy agents and Meshi means food in Japanese. So Ninja-Meshi literary means ninja food which is necessary for current ninja agents who are operating for there employer.

Ninja-Meshi was produced in the 2000s with the concept “a little snack for the hungry current ninja” and “the ninja style diet.” Ninja-Meshi has only 66 calories but could supply glucose instead. Also for its hard cover and chewy gummy, it takes time to eat one gummy. For these features, there are many ninjas who eat it this to bear hunger and to keep shape.

Ninja-Meshi has many flavors such as grape, salty plum, orange and cola flavor.

Ninja-Meshi contains allergic ingredients such as gelatin.

Since there are still ninjas everywhere you can buy Ninja-Meshi at every convenient store and supermarket.

Thanks for reading! Arigato! Watch your back there might be a ninja behind you.

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