ep13 Look A La Mode


This chocolate will never make you tired.

Look A La Mode is a chocolate with 4 different creams inside. It has 12 pieces of chocolate in one box with three pieces of each banana, almond, strawberry and pineapple flavor cream inside.

Look A La Mode was first produced in 1962. The name Look came from the fashion word and package design was designed by the French designer Raymond Loewy. His simply design package is still inherited to today’s package. The first produced chocolate’s four flavor was coffee, strawberry, banana and caramel. During its long history, there were version with jam inside however for its unpopularity it returned to the cream version again.

For my opinion, the chocolate with almond cream inside is the best. Also it has strange flavors like, sweet potato, honey lemon soda, mint ice cream and banana parfait flavor.

This chocolate contains allergic ingredients such as milk, soy beans, banana and sesame.

To can buy this go to Japan or go to the nearest Japanese supermarket or search it on the EC site.

That’s all. Thanks for reading. Arigato!!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I injured my neck during eating this. It might sound hilarious but thats what really happened and I forgot taking some pictures of the chocolate.