ep3 Ramune


Konichiwa!! For episode 3 I will write about an typical Japanese candy, Ramune.

Ramune is a cider flavor tablet candy which is famous for its cool and refreshing taste.

Ramune is originally a lemon flavor carbonated beverage which was named after lemonade.(Which the Japanese misunderstand lemonade as for Ramune in the 1870s.) After the WW2 the original tablet candy type was Ramune produced. In 1973, Morinaga co. produced Ramune the candy Ramune packed in a beverage type Ramune bottle(The one on the top page.) For a long time Ramune was popular belong small children, however after dextrose which is Ramune’s main ingredient, was close up for its good effect towards hangovers and for brain activation, eating Ramune became a trend between the grownups and teenagers.

This includes allergic ingredients such as milk and gelatin.

To buy please come to Japan or go to the nearest Japanese supermarket or search it on amazon.

Thanks for reading! Arigato!