ep11 Happy Turn

Rice Cracker

Try the only legal magic powder in Japan.

Happy Turn is a rice cracker snack with its original sweet and salty taste powder. This powder is called happy powder and for its addictive, some people believe some sort of drug is mixed in the powder.

Happy Turn was produced in 1976 during the oil crisis. Happy Turn was named for the wish that everyone happiness will return. At that time rice crackers were traditionally seasoned with soy sauce but Happy Turn was made with a concept “a rice cracker that never tasted before.” With this concept Happy Turned was seasoned with its characteristic sweet salty taste.

The guy on the package is Prince Happy of the Happy Kingdom. His full name is Prince Happy Turn Powder-rich and it is said the reason why there are joyful people in Japan is because they are turned happy by the princes power(powder).

For those who are addicted to the happy powder, there are Happy Turn with 2 times more and 2.5 times more powder. In 2005, Happy Powder with out rice crackers was released however for some reason it was not for sale after 2010.

This is 250% powdaaaa!!

Happy Turn contains allergic ingredients such as soy beans.

To buy come to Japan or go to the nearest Japanese supermarket or search it on EC sites.

Thanks for reading! Arigato! Be careful of being Happy Turnholic.