ep5 Kata-Age Potato


If you love crispy chips, Kata-Age Potato will be the best choice.

Kata-Age Potato is a potato chips snack which is featured for its thick deep fried chips. Kata-Age potato is famous for its crispiness which became the origin of its name. (If you translate Kata-Age literary, it means hard fried.)

Kata-Age Potato appeared in the market in 1993 only in Hokkaido Prefecture( The Northernmost Island in Japan.) The catch copy of this chips is “The more you bite, The more it tastes better”. For its crispiness Kata-Age potato become famous between potato chips fans in Japan, Kata-Age Potato succeeded its National debut in 2005.

For its flavors there are salt, black pepper, dried seaweed, Kyusyu soy-sauce, Kansai soy-sauce, butter soy-sauce and some regional limited flavors. (Kyusyu is southern part of Japane and Kansai is area around Osaka.) My highly recommend is Kyusyu soy-sauce flavor, its sweet taste soy sauce is remarkable. (The one on the top picture is slat. I don’t know why I didn’t buy Kyusyu soy-sauce!!!)

This includes no allergic ingredients!!

To can buy this go to Japan or go to the nearest Japanese supermarket or search it on amazon. And if your going to buy it in Japan but it at the convenience store because it has more amount than other stores.

That’s all. Thanks for reading. Arigato!!

Enjoy couch potato with Kata-Age Potato!!

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