ep7 Supai Budou ni Gochuui


Who loves playing Russian roulette?? I do!!

This long named thing is a bubble gum is consisted of three round grape taste bubble gum and in one of the three gum, there is one very very very sour grape. With this feature many kids buy this to check there luck and always one poor kid eats the sour gum.

Also playing Russian roulette is not the only way to enjoy this gum. If you look at the back side, you will realize that there is a printed maze.

And the price is only ¥30(about $0.3). This cheap price makes many kid gamblers.

For variations there are grape, soda and lemon flavor. As a spin off there is lemon flavor version consisted of only sour gums.

This includes no allergic ingredients.

To buy please come to Japan or go to the nearest Japanese supermarket or search it on amazon.

Thanks for reading! Arigato! Be aware of gambling addiction.