ep4 Koala no March


Be aware of its addictive cuteness.

This is Koala no March (Koala’s March), a biscuit type snack with a cute koala printed on the front and filled with chocolate inside.

This snack was first produced in March 1984, the same year when two koalas came to Japan from Australia. For the first version these koalas had marching band instruments in their hands as for its name. For its cuteness and the koala boom in Japan this snack became popular in Japan. (A rival company made a similar snack named “Hello Panda” though I’ve never seen that in my life.) Also for its popularity this snack has been on many anime and manga to be the characters favorite snack.

For its varieties it has chocolate, strawberry, chestnuts and butter flavor.

This includes allergic ingredients such as egg, wheat, milk and soy beans.

You can buy this in Japan, Taiwan, China, Russia, U.S. and most South-East Asian countries. If your not in one of them I’m afraid you’ll have to google it to buy it.

That’s all. Thanks for reading! Arigato!

I thought of uploading the cross-section picture of the snack to show, though the koala looked too poor I couldn’t. If you want to know how much chocolate there is, just try it.