ep2 Black Thunder


Konichiwa!! For episode 2 I will like to introduce one of the most populate chocolate bar in Japan, Black Thunder.

Black Thunder is a chocolate bar with cocoa crunch inside which makes its unique crunchiness.

For its name it sounds like a special move in a manga but this named was given for its concept “tasty as its strikes you as a lightning”. Black Thunder was first produced in 1994 however for its poor sales its production was stopped. Though Black Thunders core fans requested for its reproduction, Black Thunder was once reproduced in1996. In 2008, Olympic Gold medalist Kohei Uchimura(Silver medalist of Gymnastics in 2008 Beijing) introduced to the media that Black Thunder is his favorite snack which made Black Thunder sold out of Japan.

For its varieties there are Big Thunder, White Thunder, Chibi Thunder, Black Thunder Ice and other regional limited types.

what I found at the convenient store. Not Black Thunder but Black Sandae!!

And I forgot to write the price. This bar only costs for ¥30(about $0.3).

This includes allergic ingredients such as wheat, milk and soy beans.

You can buy this in Japan or in Taiwan or go to the nearest Japanese supermarket or search it on amazon.

Thanks for reading! Arigato!