ep6 Pote-Long


If you want to eat chips healthy try this.

Pote-Long is a salty flavored stick shaped potato snack. Pote-Long is featured for its production method. Instead of frying the potato, Pote-Long is made buy drying the potato. (So called Non-fried production method.) For this reason Pote-Long has lower fat compared to other potato chips. (Normal potato chips has 35g of fat per 100g in average, Pote-Long has 19g of fat per 100g)

Pote-Long was produced in 1973. Pote-Long was only producted in Noda factory (Chiba Prefecture). However, in 2019 since Noda factory’s closing, its production was moved to Koyama factory.(Tochigi Prefecture)

This includes allergic ingredients such as wheat, soy beans and pork.

To can buy this go to Japan or go to the nearest Japanese supermarket or search it on amazon.

That’s all. Thanks for reading. Arigato!!

Enjoy healthy life with Pote-Long.

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