ep10 Kyabetsu(cabbage) Taro


Sometimes names are quite mysterious.


Kyabetsu Taro is a table tennis ball size corn puff snack with an okonomiyaki sauce taste. If you don’t know what a okonomiyaki sauce is go to the nearest Japanese restaurant to try it because I could not describe this delicious strange taste.

Kyabetsu Taro was produced in 1981 from Kado Co. Kyabetsu means cabbage in Japanese however it has no cabbage in its ingredients. The reason why it has cabbage in its name has been a mystery. The are two theories, one is that its shape looks like Brussels sprouts (cabbage sprouts) and the other one is that this snack was inspired by cabbage with sauce which is often served with pork cutlet. No matter how hard you try to ask the company, what they say is “We’ll leave it to your imagination.”

Also the police costumed frog on the package has also been an mystery. Nobody doesn’t know why a frog is on the package and what his name is. It is said that this frog is a policeman for Brussels sprout because he eats bugs and pests.

This includes allergic ingredients such as wheat and soy beans.

And don’t forget the price! This cost only ¥20(about $0.2).

To buy please come to Japan or go to the nearest Japanese supermarket or search it on EC sites.

Thanks for reading! Arigato! If you want to eat okonomiyaki or takoyaki but you can’t, you should try this.