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Life is always not sweet, that’s why we need chilly hot snacks. I mean KaraMucho.

The original chips was stick type chips however for my short budget I bought the normal chips type. The original is more expensive than the chips type.

KaraMucho is a red chilly flavored potato chips. KaraMucho’s name came from the Japanese word “karai” which means hot and the Spanish word “mucho” which means many or much.

KaraMucho was first produced in 1984 in Japan. At that time there were no hot flavor potato chips, so this chips was the pioneer of the hot chilly snacks in Japan. The producer came up of the idea of hot chips during his observation trip in US eating hot spicy Mexico food. ( I think that’s why they used the Spanish word mucho.)

The lady on the package is Hii Oba-chan. According to the official site her real name is Tomi Morita born in March 3rd, 1877. There also another character named Hiihii Oba-chan, her accutal name is Fumi Morita born in July 3rd, 1853. These two ladies has been on KaraMucho’s package and TV commercial since 1993.

official site → https://mucho.koikeya.co.jp/index.html

As a flanked product there is SuppaMucho which not chilly hot snack but a sour one. This snack is also one favorite chips so I would like to introduce this another time.

KaraMucho contains allergic ingredients such as milk, wheat, soy beans, chicken, pork and gelatin.

You can buy this in Japan, China and Hong-Kong. If your not in any of these countries, I’m afraid you’ll have to buy it from the EC site.

That’s all. Thanks for reading!! Eat hot stuff and beat the hot weather.

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