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As the most honorable episode 1, I would love to introduce one my favorite chocolate snacks, the Morinaga Chocoball!!

This snack is a ball shaped chocolate snack with a crispy layer and a peanut inside the center. As a variety it has caramel and strawberry flavors. And guess what it costs only ¥60.(about $0.6)

Chocoball was manufactured in 1967 from Morinaga Co. with its characteristic bird character named as “Kyoro-chan”. This Kyoro-chan has been animated and was broadcast on television from 1999~2001.

Through the long history, ChocoBall has produced more than 20 season and regional limited flavors such as melon soda float flavor.(the very left one on the top picture)

This includes allergic ingredients such as wheat, milk, peanut and soy beans.

To buy please come to Japan or go to the nearest Japanese supermarket or search it on amazon.

Thanks for reading! Arigato!

For more information please look the official website.

Chocoballs | Morinaga
The website of Morinaga's Chocoballs features Chocoball products and cans of toys!