ep8 Apollo


Strawberry chocolate can go to the moon.

Apollo is a cone shaped chocolate snack with a strawberry chocolate layer on top and milk chocolate layer on the bottom. This shaped came from the Apollo 11 space ship which fly to the moon in 1969.

Apollo was produced in August 1969, right the next month Apollo 11 reached to the moon in July 1969. For Apollo 11’s legacy the chocolate company Meiji decided to design the chocolate Apollo’s shape to its space ship like cone shape. However Meiji claims that the name was given from the Greek Deity Apollo and it has done its trademark registration in 1966.

When you look at the box carefully you might find a little rabbit lookalike character Apollo-chan. According to the official site she lives on the moon with her boyfriend Blueberry-kun.

From 2020, for Apollo’s 50 years anniversary, Meiji started its factory line tour in Saitama prefecture. You can join this tour from Meiji’s official site for free and get a box of Apollo as a souvenir. You have to be older than 4 years old and at this point this tour is held only in Japanese. I’m afraid to say this tour is been closed due to the spread of covid19. For more information check Meiji’s official website. ⇨https://www.meiji.co.jp/learned/factory/sakado/

This includes allergic ingredients such as milk and soy beans.

To buy please come to Japan or go to the nearest Japanese supermarket or search it on amazon.

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