ep18 Takenoko no Sato


Takenoko no Sato is a chocolate snack which is shaped as a bamboo sprouts. Takenoko means bambo sprouts and Sato means village. The snack is consisted of a bambo sprout shape cookie with a chocolate topping. Takenoko no Sato is a frank brand snack of Kinoko no Yama (check ep17). Compared to Kinoko no Yama, Takenoko no Sato has less chocolate but cost more.


Takenoko no Sato was first sold in1979, 4 years after Kinoko no Yama’s birth. For Kinoko no Yama’s sales became a success, the company decide to create the second edition of the chocolate snack which became Takenoko no Sato. Since Takenoko no Sato’s cruchy texture and sweet chocolate flavor, this snack soon became one of the most popular snack which turns into a bloody conflict.

Kinoko Takenoko War

Since Takenoko no Sato and Kinoko no Yama became the two popular chocolate snacks, in the 1980’s the snacks fans started to argue which is better. In the 21st century with the Internets spread this argue became an internet meme started to be call the “Kinoko Takenoko War”. As the meme’s excitement became more tense, the snack company took an advantage of this fuss and started the “Kinoko Takenoko Referendum.” This referendum was held almost every year. In the latest referendum held in 2019, the Kinoko no Yama achieved 6,021,986 votes and beated Takenoko no Sato’s 4,565,799 votes. If you look into the biggest internet thread in Japan “5ch” you may see the conflict between radical Takenoko party and Kinoko party. By the was I refer Takenoko no Sato.

more information

You can find Takenoko no Sato in the United States with the name of “Chococones”.

Takenoko no Sato includes allergic ingredients such as wheat, eggs, milk and soy beans.

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